Famous UK Coves

As an island the UK is full of various types and sizes of coves around its coastline. These bay areas are formed when an area of soft rock is sandwiched between areas of harder rock. Over time the sea and coastal weather erodes the soft rock generally leaving a horseshoe shaped cove behind. Some coves are secluded and relatively inaccessible, some are used as beach areas and others are used as the base of a community using with a fishing emphasis.

Some well known UK coves include Lulworth Cove which has been registered as a World Heritage Jurassic Coastline site. This cove is popular with visitors as it has a lovely beach area and some safe swimming options.

Lulworth Cove, Dorset

Priest's Cove in Cornwall is an example of a cove that was used by locals to set up as a fishing base. It is still used by some fisherman now.

One of the best known - but least visited coves - is Nanjizal near Land's End. This cove can be extremely interesting regular visit as its landscape changes year on year - sometimes the cove has a beach and sometimes it is covered in rocks.

Nanjizal Cove, Lands End

Bear in mind that many of the more secluded or infrequently used coves may be peaceful and charming but they may not have any or many facilities close at hand. Swimming in coves is again only advisable if you know that the currents are safe.